Climate Case Ireland

Climate Case Ireland – a case being brought by Friends of the Irish Environment to hold the Irish government accountable for its inaction on climate change.
Despite the urgent need to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Ireland’s emissions are continuing to rise. In fact, Ireland has the third-highest per capita emissions in the EU. We need action, which is why the Government is being taken to court.
You can support the case by telling the Government that the case is also in your name.
This case is an opportunity for us, as citizens, to send a strong message of support to our political leaders to drive the transformational change needed to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and to meet our international commitments and moral obligations as a nation. This support would also give further weight to the Citizens’ Assembly submission to the houses of the Oireachtas.
Tell the Government “This Case is in my name” by signing here
It would be great if you also passed the link on – let’s create a conversation and hence a voice that our policy makers cannot ignore.

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