Our Smiley Awards

In the past ‘Transition Times’ in the Kinsale Newsletter gave out Smiley Award: new list pending!

Summer 2012  

Lemon Leaf Café, who were first to put the TTK 50 Mile Meal Award logo onto their menu, receive this Smiley Award for being so quick off the mark.

Spring 2012

A big congratulation went to Haven Bay Care Centre who won an award at Cork Environmental Forum Awards  for the local effort in creating a productive and beautiful outdoor space.

Autumn 2011

Our Smiley Award went to Kinsale Farmers’ Market which finally returned to the heart of the town in Market Quay where it began and where it rightfully belongs. The market creates a delightfully lively atmosphere there, builds community spirit and also brings in much needed business to town.  We wish them all the best of success.

Summer 2011

And this TTK Smiley Award went to the Sister’s of Mercy for helping to facilitate an allotment development at Compass Hill. Many thanks.

Spring 2011

This issue’s award went to Marcus Bale who has set up ‘Kinsale Hitchhiker’ on Facebook which helps people get lifts between Kinsale andCork. Saves on bus fares and petrol so we are all happy: driver, passenger & environment.






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