Education for Sustainability Children are our future

Education for Sustainability (E.F.S) came about in 2006 after the publication of the Kinsale Energy Decent Action Plan, which saw the birth of the Transition Town movement in Kinsale, and later worldwide. Part of The future vision for Kinsale was for every school to have their own organic food garden and have an environmental education programme.

EFS are a group of teachers who go to national and secondary schools to teach children about sustainable issues and empower the children to learn to grow their own fruit and veg.EFS work under the umbrella of Transition Town Kinsale, and The Hollies Centre for Practical Sustainability

Many practical skills like growing food has been lost by the last generation. It was felt that it was essential to introduce these skills back into the education system so that the children grow up being connected to the land and understanding where their food and other essential resources come from. Over the last few years the program has grown and evolved to include diverse lessons that look at many areas of sustainability including waste, energy, climate change etc.

EFS have worked with 7 national schools and over the years and have developed a module for transition year students at the community school. Every school now has an organic garden which serves as an edible classroom where they learn about food growing, composting, biodiversity, ecology, plant and soil science and permaculture. In this uncertain time, children need these practical skills to carry them into their future.

The group of teachers aims to bring sustainability alive in a fun, practical and creative way. The emphasis is on student- centred cross curricular experiential learning. Our lessons create a supportive environment celebrating diversity, building self esteem and encouraging students with all learning abilities.

Great feedback has been recieved about the programme and EFS hope to bring it to more schools in the area in the new year.


Above is a sample of page 1 of our 2012 newsletter for st Josephs School created by Jeannie Timony for Education For Sustainability


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