The latest TTK venture has arrived steered by Donal Chambers, Raffaella Valenti and Lisa Harrison.

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Rewilding has to be one of the most important aspects of solving the biodiversity and climate crises that face us and our new business Regenerate aims to be central to that transition. We need more native trees, wetlands and wildflower meadows and local organic regenerative food production to solves these problems.

99.5% of all original trees were cut down in Ireland by 1921, Ireland is officially the worst in the world in terms of wetland removal

and we know rye grass green deserts have replaced wildflower meadows across most of the country which supported so many insects and other animals on them and lastly food has become globalized, low in nutrients and high in chemical residues.

Regenerate aims to address these issues through purchasing land or helping to manage other people’s land with long leases and alter it to allow native trees, meadows, wetlands and small areas of local food production to flourish on them. 




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