Kinsale Energy Master Plan

CERC (Cork Energy Rating Company) are now preparing the Kinsale Energy Master Plan which covers the P17 area on behalf of Transition Town Kinsale (Kinsale Community Energy Project).

We are creating a register of opportunities for the area and would love to hear from you if you, or an organisation you are involved with, has an initiative ongoing, or in the pipeline, to reduce your energy footprint or to generate electricity.

Let us know at

We will be launching the completed plan in the Autumn.  The case studies prepared will be available to all.

We also want to let you know about this interesting project being run out of UCC.

Act4Eco is a Horizon2020 funded project aimed at helping the home consumer increase their awareness of home energy consumption so as to improve their home energy efficiency. 

It is a large-scale open access e-Learning platform for citizens, who are supported in the implementation of concrete actions to save energy and make their homes more energy efficient. It takes the form of a knowledge-sharing platform that facilitates knowledge for consumers on how to use energy wisely.   Five actions will take you through different topics about energy in the home: 

  1. Become a smart consumer – provides information on boilers, heating, thermostats and how to understand energy labels. 
  2. Improve your home – talks you through how to improve the air-tightness of your home and how to reduce air leaks. 
  3. Sustaining efficient energy use – how our behaviours in the home impacts upon the energy use in the home. 
  4. Produce your own energy – introduces you to onsite energy generation such as solar panels, ground heat pumps, or bio-mass heating. 
  5. Manage your own energy consumption – will talk you through how to understand your energy bill. By following the learning paths proposed by Act4Eco, each citizen can climb the “ladder of change” from Motivation to Exploration and finally to Action.   

For more information on the project please go to: 

You can find us on social media by going to: 

ACT4ECO homepage: 

Act4Eco Twitter: 

Act4Eco Facebook: 

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