Winners at The Mad Hatters Taste of Kinsale

The Transition Town Kinsale ‘50 Mile Meal’ Award is given to dishes made from produce which has been sourced within 50 miles of Kinsale.

There was a wonderful array of ’50 mile Meals’ at the Mad Hatter’s Taste of Kinsale on Saturday 13th October:  A big ‘Thank you’ to Gav Martell who had the difficult but enjoyable job of adjudicating them.

 The Winners

Pearse O’Sullivan of Toddies @ the Bulman prepared the ‘Most Exquisite’ 50 Mile Meal:

Locally caught fish, battered with Bulman Red Ale and served with seaweed tartere and  Toonsbridge Buffalo mozzarella, Mr. Whitaker’s runner beans and raspberry vinaigrette

Toonsbrige Mozarella – Macroom

Mr Whiataker – Kinsale

Bulman Red Ale – Franciscan Well, Cork


Olivier Queva of Max’s Wine Bar received the Transition Town Kinsale Special Commendation for his 50 Mile dishes:

Sauté Irish squid with Gubeen, chorizo, thyme and lemon verbena

Gubeen & chorizo – Schull West Cork

Squid – Matt O’Connell Seafood

Herbs – Max’s herb garden

Gav made special mention to the delicious venison stew and mushroom stroganoff served by the Blue Haven chefs

We would also like to commend:

Jim Edward’s steak & oyster pie in Beamish Stout.

And Daniel Horgan of Man Friday’s for his scallops served with gazpacho and apple julienne: lucky for the punters he took an expert along when collecting his watercress at The Glen, Kinsale as it can be mistaken for a very toxic plant!




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