Transition International Conference


Hi Transition Town Kinsale – We’re writing to let you know about the Transition International Conference happening in Devon, UK on 18th -24th September. The 2015 gathering will bring together delegates from across the worldwide Transition Movement. It will connect National Hubs with local Initiatives and celebrate all the wonderful achievements since we began this journey back in 2006. We recognise that many of you are outside of the UK and it wouldn’t be feasible or sustainable for you to travel.

We are planning an interactive webcast session as part of the program, so please join us on-line even if you can’t make it in person. More details will be released soon but this is the shape of the events;

* Main Transition International Conference: Friday 18th September to Sunday 20th September

* Transition Skills Day: Friday 18th September

* National Hubs Gathering: Thursday 17th September – Tuesday 22nd September

*1 Year in Transition Youth Gathering: Thursday 17th September – Friday 18th September

We want to make sure that everyone active and involved in the Transition Movement is aware of the Conference happening and have the chance to participate either by coming along to the event itself or participating in the global webcast.

We’d really appreciate you sharing this post on your Facebook page, website, email lists and Twitter accounts; translated into other languages if appropriate. For more details on bursaries, accommodation and to book, visit here:

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