Update on Edible Garden Meitheal

Edible Garden Meitheal 14th September 2013

The Edible Garden meitheal saw loads of wonderful volunteers turn up full of chat, boots on and ready to get mucky and help prepare the huge bed that the town council donated. There was plenty of tea and biccies consumed, lots of chat and plenty of work done. We were so lucky with the weather which was warm and sunny.

We used Lasagna mulch method which is a no-dig, no-till organic gardening method that results in rich, fluffy soil with lots of nutrients in the soil. The name “lasagna mulch” has nothing to do with what we’ll be growing in this garden. It refers to the method of building the garden, which is, essentially, adding layers of organic materials that will “cook down” over time, resulting in rich, fluffy soil that will help the plants thrive. Also known as “sheet composting,” lasagna gardening is great for the environment, and great for the garden bed. Keeping weeds down, the soil warm and dettering pests. We used Seaweed well rotted manure the nitrogen layers (manure supplied by Green Piece Nursery) cardboard and straw for the carbon layers. Seaweed is full of nitrogen and phosphorus and around 60 trace minerals and nutrients. Both Seaweed and manure balance nitrogen deficiencies in the soil.

We’ll be having lots more meithealls to maintain this bed. All are welcome to come along and help.

  Big thanks to Green Piece Nursery, the Town Council and all our lovely volunteers 🙂

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