Future of Kinsale – Town Hall Meeting – Friday 25th January

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Invitation – Future of Kinsale – January 25th at 6pm in the Trident Hotel, Kinsale

From Alan Clayton, Chair Future of Kinsale

Thanks to the 700 people who replied to the recent survey asking what kind of Kinsale we’d all like to see in the future, there have been several animated meetings in the last few weeks, where up to 50 residents, representing businesses, schools, college, churches, councillors, community groups and others have been sharing ideas and imagining what might be possible if all the amazing talent and resources in town could somehow work together to address the challenges that were identified, as well as be much more proactive in creating the vibrant healthy sustainable community most of us say we’d like to be part of.
Cutting a long story short, there will now be a PUBLIC “TOWN HALL” MEETING, on JAN 25th @ 6pm in Trident Hotel (venue subject to confirmation), where these ideas will be shared, so everyone has a chance to contribute, in whatever way they wish, in whatever area of community life you are most interested.
Six major areas of interest will be discussed, and the idea of a Kinsale Community Cooperative will be proposed, to fund certain activities so everyone reaps the benefits. Examples of what has been achieved in other parts of the world and here in Ireland will be shared.
So whether you are passionate about Education and Enterprise, or Arts, Heritage and Community, or the impact of technology in a small town, this is for you.
Various local speakers (probably people you know !!) and experts will talk about the projects being considered, and everyone will have a chance to ask questions, make suggestions and get involved.
Nobody knows how the “Future of Kinsale” will turn out, but chances are it’ll be much better for future generations if we start now, with what we have, and at least some vision for our Kinsale 2040.

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