Community Orchard Meitheal

Community Orchard Meitheal

From Transition Town Kinsale’s TTK’s Edible Landscaping

Group:Donal Chambers of Kinsale College is going to facilitate a meitheal tomorrow Wednesday 18th May at 10.30am in the Transition Town Kinsale Community Orchard at Saile to weed and mulch around the trees (for about an hour or two).The orchard can be found just beyond the pitches,it is there for everyone to enjoy. Below are some photos from TTK’s 10th birthday celebrations which were held in the orchard.
If you are free tomorrow please come and join in and help keep the orchard beautiful !

Transition Town Kinsale Meitheal IMG_5238 IMG_5242 IMG_5251 IMG_5252
Transition Town Kinsale's lovely hand made Community Orchard Sign

Transition Town Kinsale’s lovely hand made Sign stands at the entrance to the Community Orchard.


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